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Paida 2019 Online Workshop - Everyday Health Issues

Time:2019.05.06 20:38 5371

This two-week long online workshop mainly focuses on some common health issues. To those who are new to PaidaLajin, this series online workshops might get you one foot into the door of self-healing. As always, we’d like to suggest you to let go of the idea of a specific disease, but focus on your body as a whole.  Before we offer any advice, we’d like to stress on some primary concepts behind PaidaLajin:

  1. Disease names can be very misleading. Forget the name of the disease, which means we need to ignore the name of the disease, but never forget the disease.
  2. All diseases are complex. We need to turn our attention to the underlying causes and holistically empower our self-healing mechanism to do its job.
  3. The fundamental cause of complex disease is meridian blockage. Unblocking the blockage heals.

Please consider this online workshop as a mean to obtain a “golden brick knocking on the door” of self-healing. The topics we have covered in this workshop include:

  • First Aid – dealing with acute emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, car sick, vomiting, nausea, unconsciousness, etc.
  • Common Cold, Fever, Cough
  • Pain Management – headache, toothache, stomach, menstrual cramps, frozen shoulders, back and lower back pain, knee problems, etc.
  • Constipation, Bleeding hemorrhoid
  • Allergies
  • Varicose Veins
  • Beauty Problems (Hair, Skin, Weight Control, etc.)
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