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Paida Online PaidaLajin Workshop Recordings (1/9/2018~2/6/2019)

Time:2019.02.11 21:57 6116

PaidaLajin is simple, but to grasp the essence of it, it’s best to attend a workshop to most effectively learn the techniques, duration, intensity, dealing with healing reactions, etc. For the first time, Pailala offered a five weekly session of online workshop to meet increasing demands from our new PaidaLajin members from Jan. 7, 2019 to Feb. 6 2019.

The participants learned how to Paida the common vital regions from head to toe via online video instructions from our coach Lan, who provided some basic PaidaLajin theory being explained along with a demo of practicing by oneself and together with others.

These five video recordings lessons are the selections from all the recordings from Mondays and Wednesdays.

Our general advice to you include:

  1. Each video is from one hour to hour and half long.  Please allocate enough time to watch it.
  2. If you have questions to ask our instructors, please participate in our next live online video workshop.
  3. Don’t pick or choose.  Follow the sequence to view the video because they were built in a logic sequence. PaidaLajin is very different from western medicine.  Please watch each video with patience and an open mind.
  4. Preview the content of one specific week’s workshop by viewing the PPT slides first.
  5. In the video recording, the Paida time duration of some regions were shortened to 5 minutes. While in a live workshop, we practice on an average of 15 minutes for each region.
  6. Design your own Paida routine (including the combination of Paida regions, time duration for each region, etc.) based on your life style. Make PaidaLajin a habit that you do it daily.
  7. Whenever you’ve get a question or doubt, go back to the theory study either from the handbook or online teaching materials. You will pickup the answers from reviews and your self-reflection.

Course Previews:

Week 1: Paida the Head – This is not just a new year’s resolution. It probably will shake your original believes on how you live your life. Our online workshop followed a Chinese saying that everything starts from a scratch, from the head. This is why we show you how to Paida the head and face in eight different regions. When Paida the head and face, the whole body warms up, and the warmth can travel to the heels, making you feel spirited and clear-headed, and have bright eyes and a rosy face. This is particularly good for those who have cold hands and feet or a cold body.

Please check out our video recording to find out how Paida the head and face can help to relieve all chronic diseases, and learn the relations between the internal organs and five elements of nature. Our Q&A session can be valuable to you too, they may speak your minds. 

Week 2: Paida the Inner Elbows – The body’s main meridians (energy channels linked to the body’s major organs) run through inner elbows, knees, armpits and groins, and some key acupressure points of the meridians are located there as well. Hence, Paida-ing these parts cleanses and activates all meridians of the body. Toxic wastes tend to accumulate at these bending joints. Similar to the bends of river, water pipe or road, dirt piles up. Paida these joints improves the efficiency of cleansing meridians.

Please check this week’s video recording to learn how to Paida this region to deal with all diseases and to use it as First-Aid, and what Paida tools can be helpful. Our Q&A session can be valuable to you too. You may have similar issues.

Week 3: Paida the Hands – Hands and feet are far away from internal organs of the body, yet both have many acupressure points. They are also holographic reflex zones of all the organs in the body. Hence, slapping these areas is safe and highly effective in improving various diseases, including problems with the head, five sense organs, chest, heart and other organs.

Do check our video recording to learn more about self-diagnosis by the color of Sha, meridians that being worked on, and benefits of Paida the hands. Our Q&A session can also be valuable to you, because you may have the same kind of questions.

Week 4: Paida the Knees – People’s aging starts from feet and legs. When you feel that you are dragging your legs when walking or started to have heavy steps, you need to pay more attention to leg cares. There are all together six meridians run through the entire body. They are three yin meridians which are spleen, liver and kidney paired with three yang meridians which are stomach, gallbladder and urinary bladder meridians.

Check this week’s video recording to learn the techniques of Paida the knees in 360 degree, and how we can heal ourselves by working on these six meridians. Do also watch our Q&A session. There are always questions we never expected.

Week 5: Paida the Feet – Last but not the least. From foot bath to four direction’s Paida on our foot, you will learn some common foot care methods. Don’t miss our overall review on PaidaLajin self-healing method and participant’s testimonials at the end. Our Q&A session can be valuable to you too, do watch until the end.

If you like these courses, please signup our next online workshop.

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