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Lajin Lajin in Horizontal Position

Time:2015.12.21 02:12 4322

Y Lajin
Lie in bed or on the ground and press both legs to the wall and stretch them sideways in opposite directions, like a Y. Practise for 10 minutes.



Effects of Lajin in Horizontal Position:

You can adopt this method to complement the reclining position. If the pain still persists around the waist or the back after you practice the reclining position, adopt this position.

If you wish to enhance its efficacy, ask for someone’s assistance. Lie in bed or on the ground, and ask someone to press on one leg. And then stretch the other sideway till you can no longer tolerate the pain. Hold the position for three minutes. Once you are done with one leg, shift the legs and do it vice versa.