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Others Revelations on Paida and Lajin

Time:2015.02.11 04:02 4325


Author: Xining Wang
Chinese Clinical Research Group on Hongchi Xiao’s Paida and Lajin Exercises
September 2012

Paida and Lajin can produce comprehensive therapeutic effects.

Paida and Lajin can produce non-specific therapeutic effects — it deals with functions of all the body systems instead of certain diseases.


Revelation I  Medical Theory of Paida and Lajin Attracts Global Attention: Self-treatment in Vivo

Q1: How can various diseases be treated with the same exercises?

Decline in the functions of the human body is the common cause of most diseases (and even death). Hence, improving functions of all body systems can enhance their resistance to various diseases.


Q2: How can diseases be treated without medication?

Paida and Lajin can activate self-treatment of body systems through external physical stimulation.

Hypoglycemia experienced by diabetics after Paida and Lajin suggests that the exercises affect the synthesis of endogenous insulin. After Paida and Lajin, the pain threshold of those patients is increased and their clinical symptoms are alleviated. This indicates that Paida and Lajin also affect the synthesis of glucocorticoid (Glucocorticoid is known as the “American Wonder Drug” for its extensive anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-shock effects). Paida and Lajin can reduce blood glucose level like insulin does and increase it like glucocorticoid does. This could help patients effectively improve their body functions.


Q3: How many diseases can be treated through Paida and Lajin?

A total of 22,542 diseases have been clinically known to us and they can be divided into five categories including infection, injury, tumor, malformation and dysfunction. Theoretically speaking, all other four categories except malformation are related to the (declined) functions of the human body. Thus we can infer that Paida and Lajin can exert a positive impact on 80% of all the diseases man may suffer from.



Revelation II Clinical Monitoring Results of Paida and Lajin Challenge Modern Medical System

“Human Anatomy” in western medicine could be more accurately termed as “Corpse Anatomy”. In addition to the common chemical structure composed of molecules, the human body differs from corpses in that it has a dissipative structure of electromagnetic field, which could only be observed in living systems. Discovery of the dissipative structure of electromagnetic field is an epoch-making medical revolution. With the use of Physical and Mental State Analyser SAM-2 【German equipment】, evident structural changes have been constantly observed in Paida and Lajin practitioners’ dissipative structure of electromagnetic field. Paida and Lajin can change the body’s dissipative structure of electromagnetic field intensely, rapidly and continually, thus improving life quality. Clinical research on Paida and Lajin shows that fluctuation of the dissipative structure of electromagnetic field can last for two hours after three-minute Paida and Lajin and that Paida and Lajin for one week can produce self-treatment effects lasting for three months.


Revelation III  Unique Curative Mechanism of Paida and Lajin Shocks the Medical World

An unprecedented curative mechanism, named as the Xiao’s Therapy, has been discovered through clinical study of Paida and Lajin and proven by its comprehensive and obvious efficacies. Adrenalin is a kind of “emergent” supply for man (harmful). It can be released in large amount into the blood within two seconds of external stimuli to enable man to rescue himself, and its reserve only lasts for half an hour. Glucocorticoid is a kind of “backup” supply (benign). It does not exist in normal conditions and can be produced whenever needed. Paida and Lajin for up to half an hour can consume all the adrenalin in the blood (to thoroughly expel the toxins), and exert an enduring therapeutic effect by inducing massive production of glucocorticoid to be released into the blood.