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Others Free Lending Library for Lajin Benches in the U.S.

Time:2015.02.11 03:02 4224

Dear Friends,

For your information. We have 2 locations in Seattle where you could check out Lajin Bench for free for 2 weeks. Please see below and the facebook page -


Grand Opening – Free Lending Library for Lajin Benches in the U.S. (April 7, 2014)

How to borrow lajin benches from us:


1. Origin: Paidalajin promoted by Master Hongchi Xiao has benefited lots of people around world, especially those who have incurable diseases claimed by Western Medicine. Mr. Victor Huang invented this brilliant idea to lend lajin benches freely, so people who have doubts or reluctance can try lajin bench before they really purchase one. With the strong support from Victor and many generous people, this free lending library is open now! And we wish people around the world can donate, promote and support this self-healing method to help more people!

2. Who can borrow:
1) People who got chronic problems (like lower back pain, leg pain, knee pain, hypertension, etc) have a higher priority;
2) People who want to know more about Lajin benches, and want to try Lajin benches;


3. How to borrow:
1) Fill in form to apply for a Lajin bench; or TEL the admin who live near you;
2) After the local admin approves your application, you can make an appointment with the admin for a session about how to use the Lajin bench;
3) The admin will explain the basic methodology of Lajin and Paida first, and you can try the Lajin bench and decide whether to borrow it home;
4) After you get the Lajin bench, be sure to fill in the daily journal, in order to keep better track of the Lajin bench usage for both you and us. If the daily journal is not filled for a week, admin has the right to claim the bench back, please coordinate with us to ship the bench to the library.
NOTE: the detailed rules may vary from site to site, local admin preserves the right to change the policy according to local needs.

4. Cost: It’s free.

5. How long you can keep the bench: 2 weeks per time, you can extend the period based on your usage and the agreement with the local admin

6. Admins:
New York (Westchester): Rachel (FB name: Shu Fang Rui, TEL: 914-432-2898)
Plano Texas: Dongxiao(FB name: Dongxia Zhu, TEL: 214-506-3487)
Seattle (Kent): Kim (FB name: Slaker Kim, TEL: 253-639-8009)
Seattle (Chinatown): Lin (FB name: Lin Hsieh, TEL: 360-584-0054)

Best regards
Lin Hsieh (李琳) ,LMP
(360) 584-0054