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Others Stretching & Slapping – Self Healing in Eyes of Foreign guest

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Xiao Hongci – Stretching & Slapping – Self Healing

Posted by B. on Oct 20th, 2012 in health, Inspiration

“Master Xiao’s philosophy is that we don’t have to wait for someone to heal us. We must take full control of our health and live in harmonious relationship with nature. The Tao way. The natural way in which one adjusts one’s body to match with nature’s way. In this manner, each of us will be our own doctor.” — Good Guy, Self-healing : Lajin stretch and exercise by Xiao Hongchi

Here is a good website with more details:


Xiao believes that “we are masters of our own health” and that “everyone can become his or her own healer”. To promote these simple techniques and to enable people to self heal, Xiao has authored such best-sellers as Journey to Cure, and E-Dao Lajin and Paida Self-Healing Techniques. He also frequently appears in TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines in the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. He has been traveling to major continents delivering over 100 speeches. The thousands of patients Xiao has cured suffer from all kinds of diseases, and they vary in their backgrounds, from common folks, to celebrities and the Tibetan Tulku. In poor and remote areas like Tibet and Qinghai, Xiao stayed for months in temples and villages curing diseases and teaching people how to self heal.

Ironically, the only problem now is that many find it too good to be true.

Notwithstanding torrents of doubt, criticism and pressure, Xiao remains optimistic. He believes that one day, when the efficacy and application scope of these self-healing techniques far exceed that of modern medical practices, they will inevitably revolutionize and transform the commonly accepted mode of medical practices that dates back over millennia, and the more recently established medical and drug industries. Eventually, it will push people to rethink about their own health management, how they live as individuals, and how they interact as members of families and society, and with the nature, consequently helping to advance human civilization.

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