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Others A Collection of Meridian Therapies

Time:2016.12.27 15:00 11027

According to Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), diseases of all kinds, major or minor, acute or chronic, physical or mental, are causes by blocked meridians (energy channels) which lead to Yin-Yang imbalance, and obstructed Qi and blood flow in the body.


Prevention and treatment of diseases is therefore very simple, i.e. to cleanse meridians to balance Yin and Yang and to enable smooth Qi and blood flow, which naturally cures diseases and improves health.


Meridian therapies vary in their techniques, efficacies and application scope, yet they all follow the same philosophy, i.e. to cleanse meridians and maintain Yin-Yang balance.


The following is a list of existant meridian therapies:

Herbal medicine, dietary nutrients and supplements, acupuncture, moxibustion, acupressure, massage, foot bath, skin scraping (Gua Sha), cupping (Ba Guan), bone setting, needle-knife technique, etc.


Nonetheless, these are still passive means of "healing by others", not practive means of "healing by oneself". Being strictly restricted to "professional service or recommendations", they are not readily accessible to the majority of people worldwide.


The truest path is the simplest. Paida and Lajin self-healing methods rediscovered, developed and being promoted by Mr. Hongchi Xiao take one minute to learn, and ten minutes of practice to witness the immediate effect. Being simple, safe, effective and accessible to all, Paida and Lajin are proven to be the most "green" DIY methods for health preservation, disease diagnosis and treatment.


A growing number of people across the globe are embracing the miraculous Paida and Lajin self-healing techniques, to restore their own health and to enable more to benefit from them.