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Others "PaidaLajin Self-Healing Methods" in the Eyes of an Expert in We

Time:2015.02.08 09:02 3974

"PaidaLajin Self-Healing Methods" in the Eyes of an Expert in Western Medicine

Is there a way to treat diabetes without using drugs? This question has sent scientists across the world working fervently searching for an answer.


Prof. Gerard Karsenty and his research team at Columbia University, U.S. were the first to confirm that osteoblasts regulate the physiology of other tissues through the endocrine system, and that osteocalcin could be one of the hormones directly involved in the process. Their findings were published in the August 2007 issue of Cell Journal. The paper claimed that osteocalcin (BGP or OST), a protein produced by bone cells, can affect the increase ofβ-cells in mice, contributing to greater insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity. Additional experiments showed that osteocalcin regulates insulin sensitivity through adiponectin, another hormone secreted by skeletal muscles.


The research results revolutionized conventional human anatomy, which regards bones and skeletal muscles as merely structural organs for adjusting movement. Now, scientists realize that bones and skeletal muscles are in effect the largest endocrine organ in the body that control life activities. The research findings of Prof. Gerard Karsenty and his team have another important clinical implication: They are telling the world that a completely new theory for clinical treatment of diabetes, supported by biological experimental results, is now established. They foretell that a brand-new treatment for diabetes will be found in the very near future. There couldn’t be better news for diabetes patients. Diabetics and scientists around the world are taking note and are waiting eagerly, confident that a fresh therapy for diabetes will soon emerge.


In early 2009, through work contacts, I received a written report on the findings of Prof. Gerard Karsenty and his research team about osteocalcin and adiponectin capable of stimulating the body to produce a large amount of endogenous insulin. My first reaction was to put down work at hand, to go immediately and see a good friend who was practicing traditional Chinese medicine and massage. I elatedly announced to him, “From now on, a new page has turned in history — You are no longer an ordinary Chinese doctor of bone traumatology, but an impressive endocrine specialist from the perspective of Western medicine.”


One year later, in the fall of 2010, at the home of the same friend, I met Mr. Hongchi Xiao for the first time. That was when I first heard him say that Paida and Lajin had cured a large number of diabetics, and the efficacies were exceptional. I waited until he had left, and holding down my rapture, I said to my friend carefully, “Remember we discussed earlier about skeletal muscles and in vivo synthesis of endogenous insulin? The Paida and Lajin self-healing methods used by this guy with a goatee are more authentic than other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies. He may have just “hit the jackpot”. I’ve got to see it for myself.”


A few days later, I attended Mr. Xiao’s “Paida and Lajin Workshop”. When I first tried stretching on a Lajin bench, shattering pain swept right over me, pulling on parts of me that even I did not realize were still alive. Having got a taste of it, it struck me immediately that “No wonder this guy with a goatee is so confident, he has indeed ‘hit the jackpot’, because he has found the safest, simplest and most effective way to enable bones and skeletal muscles to secrete high volumes of hormones.”


Stepping down from the stool, I felt my body has as if returned to the time when I was a baby. The feeling was so natural and pure. That was the most wonderful five minutes of living I have ever experienced! It made me recall a psalm in the Bible: The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside quiet waters.


I turned around and said to Mr. Xiao, “You dream of promoting self-healing philosophy and methods across the globe, but do you realize what you have started? Hospitals are operated for commercial gains and are controlled by financiers from Day One. Medical costs keep soaring, but the practice of medicine has far deviated from its original purpose, i.e. to relieve suffering. Statistics have shown that when hospital staff is on strike, the mortality rate of patients drops. Medicare experts know clear enough the fatal deficiencies of modern medicine. According to U.S. Dr. Edward Trudeau’s, the role of doctors was “to cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always.” The field of medicine has become more advanced but more inhumane, thanks to the latest development in technology. However, post-modern Chinese medicine is brewing an earth-shaking revolution. Paida and Lajin self-healing methods exemplify the long-absent benevolence sought by people; they represent the fundamental trend in healthcare. What you are doing is a monumental and noble feat that requires the determination to embrace hardships and the courage to defy obstacles. This shall be the return of the glory of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM). To revive the great wisdom of our ancestors five millennia ago, I shall contact top experts in the country to help complete your study.”


In fact, it was from that moment on that I began to believe that Paida and Lajin are no ordinary health-preserving methods, nor are they treatment measures in the ordinary sense. Paida and Lajin are able to directly improve people’s lives qualitatively and quantitatively. They inject vitality into people’s lives. However, no matter how accurate a person’s intuition is, it cannot be established as evidence constituting a scientific theory.


On the one hand, I’ve got the latest theory on diabetes treatment from leading scientists in the U.S.; and here, I’ve been introduced to and experienced the astounding efficacy of diabetes treatment from a folk hero in China. The two stories converged, making me feel more exhilarated than ever.


A few weeks later, on December 13-18, 2010, the most prominent team of Life Information Engineering experts from Zhejiang University gathered in Beijing and did research using the “Physical and Mental State Analyzer SAM 2” imported from Germany, one of the six units in the world. Using the most advanced equipment, the panel of experts monitored the instantaneous effects on 33 volunteers before and after Paida and Lajin, and sustained effects in one week. For the instantaneous effects before and after Paida and Lajin, it displayed “significant collective upward deflection of attractors”. For the sustained effects one week after Paida and Lajin, it displayed “significant collective axial deflection of attractors”. The volunteers’ life-quality indictor (the extent of physical and mental harmony) and spatial indicator of attractors both showed significant changes. After Paida and Lajin, the direction of life-quality indictor changed significantly from “highly orderly” to “high degree of harmony”.


The efficacy of Paida and Lajin self-healing methods to significantly improve life quality is now proven!

Wang Xining
July 22,2012


About the author:
Wang Xining:
Researcher with the National Institute of Hospital Administration, Ministry of Health, P.R.C.
Deputy Head of Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures Research Group, Peking University Hospital
Deputy Head of Chinese Medical Quality Indicator System (CHQIS) Research Group, Ministry of Health, P.R.C.