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Others What is the CCM theory of Qi (Chi) and blood flow?

Time:2015.02.06 07:02 3721

According to Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) theory, "Where bones are in place and tendons are flexible, there will naturally be smooth Qi and blood flow".


Sufficient Qi and blood and their smooth flow in the body is vital to good health; Insufficient Qi and blood, or obstructed flow makes one frail and induces various physical or mental disorders.


Where there are blockages in the meridians, Qi cannot flow smoothly. When Qi is charging at such a problem area, various symptoms of healing crisis occur.


Blood moistens muscles, tissues, skin and hair, nourishing cells and organs of the body. Anemia, dizziness, scant or absent menstruation, fatigue, pale skin, dry skin or hair, and poor memory are all signs of blood deficiency.


All meridian therapies work to enable smooth Qi and blood flow. This site is devoted to promoting Paida and Lajin, two self-healing methods that are simple, safe, effective, self-administered, and freely accessible to all.