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Others What are Yin & Yang?

Time:2015.02.06 07:02 3712

The yin-yang (simplified Chinese: 阴阳; traditional Chinese: 陰陽; pinyin: yīn yáng) theory holds that everything in the universe is composed of two opposing yet complementary forces — yin and yang.



Yin (阴) is characterized as cold, wet and passive; Yang (阳), by contrast, is hot, dry, and active.


In Chinese medicine, the yin-yang theory is used to decipher the interdependent links and constant changes in the body. These two forces represent the bipolar manifestation of all things in nature, and because of this, one must be present to allow the other to exist. On an emotional level, one would not know joy had he/she never experienced pain. Good health is represented as a balance of yin and yang. When the balance is consistently altered, and one (be it yin or yang) regularly dominates the other, health is compromised and illnesses arise.


Toxins in the body are regarded as having the nature of yin, whereas the body’s self-healing power/immunity has the qualities of yang.


Paida and Lajin cleanse toxins and blocked meridians in the body. In the process, yang rises and yin subsides, which helps cure diseases, enhance health, and improve quality and span of life.