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Others What are E-Dao Self-Healing Methods?

Time:2015.02.06 04:02 3965

E-Tao founder Mr. Hongchi Xiao believes that "we are masters of our own health" and that "everyone can become his or her own healer".

The self-healing methods Xiao has learned and is promoting worldwide are Paida (patting and slapping skin areas to induce Sha, i.e. toxic waste in the body, and to enable smooth Qi and blood flow in the meridians/energy channels) and Lajin (stretching tendons to avoid their contraction or degeneration).

The underlying philosophy of Paida and Lajin come from 《黄帝内经》(Huang Di Nei Jing, or Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine), the earliest existant medical classic in China, and Bible of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM).

According to CCM theory, "blocked meridians induce pain, whereas clearing meridians dispels pain". Thus, all traditional Chinese therapies are, in effect, meridian therapies which prevent and cure diseases by cleansing the meridians.

Out of the many almost-lost methods and techniques Mr. Xiao has learned from folk and renowned masters, he chooses to promote Paida and Lajin for their significant efficacies, broad application scope, simple, safe and DIY application.

The truest path is the simplest. To test the efficacies of these self-healing methods and to genuinely benefit from them, the only requirement is ACTION! This has been the case with countless Paida and Lajin enthusiasts across the globe, most of whom have no medical training whatsoever.