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Others What is Sha?

Time:2014.11.11 04:11 3845


Sha (痧; pinyin: shā): “poisoned blood” in the body; it is a word unique to the Chinese language. Establishing its occurrence and coining the term “Sha”, as well as using it to diagnose and treat diseases, is a perfect case demonstrating the wisdom of ancient Chinese.


There are four types of toxins in “Sha”:


1. Toxins as a result of external environmental forces such as chills and “warm-dampness”;


2. Toxins from diseases;


3. Drug toxins from prolonged medication. Chemical odours detected during Paida are evidence of detoxification;


4. Toxins produced by negative mind-set and emotions. These are far more toxic than drug toxins, and are the main cause of diseases.



During Paida, slapping the skin forces toxins in the blood to cling to the walls of blood vessels. Reflected on the skin as colours and bumps, these “Sha” will not appear on the skin of the healthy parts of the body, but will only surface on those parts or acupoints with diseases and latent illnesses.