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Others What are "healing crises"?

Time:2014.12.03 10:12 3713

Healing crises refer to the body’s recovery responses when the Qi (vital life energy) is charging at health problems. 



They could include pain, numbness, soreness, swelling pain, itchiness, drowsiness, nausea, etc.



When a problem area is being charged at by Qi (vital life energy), many types of excretions may be expelled from the body, e.g. vomit, sweat, rashes, burps, wind, faeces, tears, snorts. 



These recovery responses may appear unpleasant, whereas, all the discomforting symptoms are detoxification in process. Hence, they are good signs of improvement, just like darkness before dawn, they are gifts from nature.



You may experience various recovery responses, i.e. “healing crises” during and after Paida and Lajin. Do not be afraid. Paida and Lajin DO NOT create diseases you don’t have. “Healing crises” are experienced when your self-healing power, activated through Paida and Lajin, targets at and dissolves past, existing and potential health problems, which you and your doctor may not be aware. Continued Paida and Lajin can speed up the self-healing process.