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Others What is "Yun-You"?

Time:2014.12.03 10:12 3769

Yun-You (simplified Chinese: 云游; traditional Chinese: 雲遊; pinyin: yún yóu), i.e. to rove, to wander like a vagabond, without a definite destination or a traceable route, just like wandering clouds.


It is an almost-forgotten way of travelling much favored by ancient Chinese literati and great travellers like Xu Xiake. Taoists or Buddhists Yun-You for exchanges, and to have greater insight and wisdom.


E-Dao founder Mr. Hongchi Xiao has revived the tradition of Yun-You. He is travelling the world to promote Paida and Lajin self-healing methods, confident that in the not-so-distant future everyone will become his or her own healer.