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Others Why "forget the disease name"?

Time:2014.12.03 11:12 4233

Regardless of what disease one has, he/she must first forget its name. Please note that it is the name that should be forgotten, not the disease itself.



A disease name is just the tip of an iceberg; there are likely other, more severe underlying diseases that even doctors or patients themselves are unaware of. Disease names are only labels affixed by doctors and drug producers based on known pathological indicators and statistics; but these labels do not necessarily identify the actual disease.



A set of symptoms, or disease with a particular name, may have different causes; dispensing prescriptions based solely on disease name with no regard to its cause will worsen the condition. As such, disease names are very misleading.



This is the foremost term used to interpret E-Dao self-healing methods, and is also one of the secrets to the success of self-healing we advocate.