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Others What is the philosophy of "complex diseases"?

Time:2014.12.03 11:12 3713

People seldom have only a single disease; there are always a number of other diseases behind a known one. Moreover, these diseases are interrelated; they are the causes and effects of other diseases, and are thus called “complex diseases”. In effect, all diseases are complex diseases.



All diseases with known names are so labeled due to identification and classification by modern medicine based on known standards, using known measures. However, no matter how accurate the diagnosis of Chinese medicine, Western medicine and various medical appliances are, there are still areas of the complex human body where their diagnosis and treatments are not yet able to cover holistically. Thus, the key to curing diseases is not in knowing the disease name, but rather in locating the root causes.



"The truest path (Dao) is the simplest." Paida and Lajin are safe, simple, effective and widely applicable. Once Paida and Lajin are implemented, almost all "complex diseases" are targeted and treated.