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Others How do Paida and Lajin work on specific diseases?

Time:2014.11.11 01:11 4221

Our readers are very much concerned about how Paida and Lajin work most effectively in their particular case. And the most frequently asked questions are "Where should I Paida to solve my problem?" "For how long?" "What Lajin position is best for me?" "When should I do Paida and Lajin?"
Our advice for everyone is to
1) Forget the disease name;
2) Paida all round the general body parts (elbows, hands, knees and feet) first, each area for 30min - 1 hour at a time; then focus on illness-related areas. Best of all, Paida all over in a carpet bombing manner to thoroughly cleanse toxic waste in the body. Gradually increase duration and intensity. You can Paida several times/hours a day to get self-healed faster. Attentive, prolonged Paida is the secret to its miraculous effect.
3) Combine with Lajin in reclining position. Some start with several minutes’ Lajin each leg, some can do 30min-1 hour per leg at a time, 2-3 times a day. Gradually increase duration and intensity.
Use sandbags (3kg-10kg) on both raised and lowered legs for genuine healing effect. Use leg strap to keep the raised leg close to the pole.  
4) Various "healing crisis" reactions may occur during and after Paida and Lajin. These are good signs revealing past, present and potential health problems. Be grateful for them, repent for past wrongs, lead a healthy life and continue Paida and Lajin.