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Others The Sha on me took a long time to disappear, why? What should I

Time:2014.11.11 01:11 3848


Sha, the poisoned blood/toxic waste drawn out during Paida, Gua Sha (skin scraping) and Ba Guan (cupping), can disappear right away in prolonged Paida.


When Paida is stopped once the Sha comes out, it will take some time for the Sha to get dissolved through pores, breathing, tears, urine, defecation, etc. People with enough Qi and blood, enjoy their smooth flow, those with warm limbs, and those living in warm weather can see the Sha disappear faster, in hours or 1-2 days; Those with weak Qi and insufficient blood, much blocked meridians, cold limbs, or those living in cold weather can see the Sha disappear slower, sometimes not for a week or even more than 10 days.


To enable the Sha to disppear faster, you can:


1) Do Lajin before Paida;


2) Continue Paida until the Sha disappears;


3) Drink ginger and date soup to replenish energy and warm up your body;


4) Use moxibustion to warm up your body and to facilitate smooth Qi and blood flow;


5) Try foot bath, sauna, hot shower, etc., before Paida, no less than three hours after Paida, or on the following day after Paida.