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Others I don´t have much Sha after Paida, does it mean I am quite healt

Time:2014.11.11 12:11 4327


Not having much Sha after Paida can have one of the following indications:


1) That part of your body is relatively healthy, the meridians (energy channels)running along that part is not blocked, and the corresponding organs are healthy;


2) You are weak and doesn’t have enough Qi and blood, so it’s not easy to draw out the toxic waste in you;


3) The Paida is way too gentle or the time is too short for the Sha to come out;


4) You have patted all over your body for 2-3 times, and there may not be much toxic waste left in surface areas of the body.


Our advice is as follows:


For 1): Congratulations! Move on to Paida other parts of the body in a carpet bombing manner, i.e. Paida all over the body, and find out where the most Sha lies. The general body parts (elbows, hands, knees and feet), armpits, breasts, root of the thighs, abdomen and buttocks usually have more Sha than other parts. And the illness-related areas tend to have more Sha. Attentive, prolonged Paida (for up to one hour each area), going from gentle to heavy, will produce satisfactory effects.


For 2): Take some ginger and date soup to replenish energy. Take some rest and continue Paida and Lajin. Prolonged gentle Paida produces the same effects as (if not better than) heavy Paida. Or, you can have someone to help. 


For 3): Refer to our advice for 1), Paida all over and use heavy Paida for up to one hour each area. You may be shocked by how much toxic waste there is in your body. 


For 4): Use prolonged, attentive Paida to draw out toxic waste that lies deeper in your body. When there is no Sha left however hard you Paida, continue Paida as a daily exercise to keep fit. You may reduce the duration and intensity for each session.


Often, when negatively affected by factors like bad weather, poor air quality, too much food intake, unsafe food, icecream, cold or spicy food, cold drinks, too much air conditioning, fatigue, mood swings (anger, too much joy, worry, fear, etc.), you’ll be able to draw out new Sha during Paida.


Combine with Lajin for better healing effects.