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Others Can Mr. Xiao treat my/my family member/friend´s health problem?

Time:2014.11.11 12:11 3770


Mr. Hongchi Xiao is travelling the world promoting Paida and Lajin self-healing methods. And the message he, E-Dao Team and self-healers across the world want to convey is "My Health, I Manage!"


Many people have improved their health, or thoroughly cured their years of health problems, mental or physical, by practicing Paida and Lajin at home, without spending a penny!


So, it’s time you give it a try on yourself or for others, to experience the effects of Paida and Lajin. "Forget the disease name", "complex diseases", "carpet bombing", "anti-virus software", "pain medicine" and "healing crisis" are important concepts to take note.


You can attend/organize Paida and Lajin "parties" at your most convenient time and place.


You/your family member/friend can also attend a workshop (The announcements are made at News section on homepage). The time, intensity and effect of Paida and Lajin at a workshop is vastly different from that when practicing at home.


Attentive, prolonged and persistent Paida and Lajin is the secret to their miraculous healing effects. Do self-help Paida or Paida for others with loving care, gratitude (to your body and others) and repentance (for past wrongs and lifestyle) will greatly improve the effect.



If you see health improvements in yourself and/or others, write to us, it will help more people. Thank you!