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Lajin What are the signs and symptoms of Jin-Suo (contraction of tendo

Time:2015.12.21 03:12 4477


According to Taoist wisdom, “Extending the Jin (tendons) by one inch will prolong life by 10 years.” One dies when the Jin degenerates completely. Flexible Jin contributes to good health. Once the Jin shrinks (Jin-Suo), our body will show one or several of the following 15 symptoms:



1. Neck stiffness and pain 

2. Lumbar stiffness and pain 

3. Inability to bend down

4. Back stiffness and pain

5. Leg pain and paralysis 

6. Inability to squat down 

7. Uneven legs

8. Radiating pain in the heels 

9. Short steps 

10. Stressed Jin at the hip joint

11. Inability to raise the thighs forward or sideways 

12. Difficulty in turning around 

13. Contraction of muscles

14. Inability to extend or bend the elbows

15. Swelling, numbness, pain or inflexibility in the arms, legs, elbows and knees


E-Dao Team is actively promoting Paida and Lajin self-healing methods around the world. We envision a future when EVERYONE becomes his or her own healer. 



Lajin is both an accurate "physical check-up" and precise self-healing in action.



"Unruly" hands unable to reach the Lajin bench



Lowered leg cannot reach the ground