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Lajin What are the possible physical responses of Lajin?

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What are the possible physical responses of Lajin?

(7/26/2012 08:51:39) by E-Dao Team

Type 1:

Pain, numbness, soreness, swelling pain, itchiness, and drowsiness (yawning)




1. These are normal physical responses of natural healing. This process is called “healing crisis (recovery responses)”, which means that the healthy Qi is being activated and is charging at blocked meridians (energy channels in the body) to locate, fight and self-heal diseases. To some extent, this is the darkness before dawn breaks. 


2. They are signals telling you that the blocked meridians are being cleared.




Type 2:

Red spots, rashes, blister, dizziness, headaches, belching, nausea, phlegm, running nose, farting, extremely stinky excrement and urine





1. All these responses are detoxification reactions. When these symptoms appear, you should go on doing Lajin or Paida. After the self-cleansing, your health will gradually improve, and you may even have the feeling of being reborn.


2. Lajin and Paida should be continued as a daily practice after recovery. However, the duration and intensity could be reduced.