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Lajin How long does it take to Lajin in reclining position? How about

Time:2014.12.03 10:12 4225

Duration of Lajin


There is no fixed standard for Lajin duration. Our suggestion is 10 minutes for each leg, and this is for your reference only.



1. It is all right for most healthy people to straighten the raised leg and set the other leg on the ground. However, for those who are frail or have severe illnesses, it is hard to manage. Some may even feel intolerable pain the moment they lie on the Lajin bench and want to get down at once. For these people, Lajin should be practised in a progressive manner in terms of both duration and intensity, starting with one or two minutes of Lajin.



2. For people who dance or practise yoga, 10 minutes of Lajin will not be a challenge. If the duration is extended to 20 minutes or half an hour, all kinds of physical responses will come up, such as leg numbness, pain, hiccup, farting, defecation and sweating. Chronic diseases such as insomnia, constipation, kidney deficiency, heart and brain diseases will gradually disappear.




Intensity of Lajin


The intensity of Lajin varies from one practice to another and has no fixed standard, but should also be within a tolerable range.



1. You can ask someone else to help press your leg, or you may use sandbags.



2. Hands stretched backward may carry weights such as dumbbells, bags or dictionaries. This may add to your pain, but is definitely more effective in curing many diseases such as frozen shoulder, chest tightness, breast illness and heart diseases.



3. When incorporated with proper breath, stretching arms backward as far out as possible has obvious efficacies for obese women or those with sagging breasts, because Lajin in reclining position changes the direction of gravity on breasts.