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Lajin How to do Lajin – an Effective Self-healing Method for Lower Bac

Time:2014.11.11 09:11 4327


Nowadays, many people have chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, etc. While western medicine is efficient in diagnosis, it cannot really do much to cure these diseases, except by introducing the liver and kidney to the burden of digesting a huge bunch of chemical pills. As more and more people realize that, they try some self-healing methods like Paidalajin (Chinese word for a combination of slapping and stretching) or healthy diets and natural healing like music or Yoga.


According to the ancient Chinese medicine bible – the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine – every single disease is caused by blockages in the meridian systems (acupuncture is based on meridians which is the energy channel in your body). So if you can remove the blockage, and make the Qi (the pushing power for moving the energy and blood in the body) and blood run smoothly again in the meridians, then the diseases are cured. Paidalajin which stemmed from this ancient wisdom is one of these methods; in which, paida means slapping on the body, and then you will see the Sha (poisoned blood) appear on the skin if there were blockages there; while Lajin means stretching the tendons. (Whenever there are blockages, you will feel the pain during Lajin)


 Basically Lajin is a simple way to stretch your tendons. There is an old saying in China, which is “骨正筋柔,气血自流 – Whenever your bones are in correct direction and your tendons are soft, blood and Qi will circulate smoothly by themselves”. Lajin removes the blockages through softening your tendons, and thus help cure diseases.


So how to do Lajin? 


First of all, you may need a lajin bench. If you don’t have, two chairs putting together side by side to the corner of a wall would also work, although the effect may not be as good as you use a lajin bench.


Suppose you already have a lajin bench; then, first of all, you need to lie down on the bench.


And then, you need to add certain weight or sandbags to one of your ankles, say, let’s start from the left leg. Regarding how much weight to add, it depends on how much you can handle, however, 7 pounds is a safe start point for an adult. (Please note, weight is a must-have step for making Lajin more effective.)


Then fasten the other leg – the right one in this case – to the post of the bench with a strap, better to put the strap above the knee, so you won’t hurt your knee.


At last, you need to put your arms straight ahead, which can help relieve frozen shoulders.  When you have shoulder problems, you cannot really lay your arms straight ahead. It will hurt a lot depending on how sick your shoulder is. Then in this situation, just like adding weight to legs, you need to get a certain weight for the hands, which will help you stretch your arms like it does for your legs. After you finish Lajin for one leg, you can then switch the weight to right one, and fasten your left leg to the post.


It’s a simple method, and you can learn it within just five minutes. You can start your Lajin practice for a short time period like 5 minutes, and add the time gradually. Remember, whenever you feel the pains from under your knees or your groin, Qi and blood are starting to remove the blockages, and your self-healing method is starting to work.  This is an effective method for lower back, leg pain, hypertension, and lots of other chronic problems. All you need is a lajin bench, and then you can throw away all the pain killers, and start to heal all by yourself.


Well, it doesn’t hurt to give a try!