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Paida What is the sequence of Paida?

Time:2015.12.21 03:12 4326


Generally speaking, you can Paida in the following top-down sequence:



Step 1: Paida the head

Paida the top of the head with both hands




Paida the sides of the head with both hands




Paida the back of the head with both hands




Paida the back of the neck with one hand (Using one hand is more convenient, and it could well cover the neck)




Step 2: Paida the shoulders

Paida the right side with left hand, and vice versa; remember to Paida all sides of the shoulders.




Step 3: Paida both armpits and the inner sides of the shoulders 



Patients with heart, lung and breast problems should Paida these parts more often.



Step 4: Paida the inner sides of the elbow joints



This covers all the meridians (energy channels) on the inner sides of the elbow joints, i.e. Heart Meridian on the innermost side, Lung Meridian and Large Intestine Meridian at the rim of the outer side, as well as the Pericardium meridian in the middle.



Step 5: Paida the knees

Paida fronts of the knees with both hands and make sure that the knee is covered by the entire palm; then Paida the inner sides, outer sides and the back of the knees.



This could cure all foot and leg diseases, including pain, numbness and swelling. When combined with Lajin, it will have better effects.



Step 6: Paida the feet

Paia the all round the feet (arches, insteps, ankles and surrounding areas) with great force. This can not only help cure foot diseases, but also bring good curative effects for all diseases of internal organs.




Step 7: Paida any body parts where needed

After going through all the six steps, you may Paida any body parts according to your particular condition.