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Testimonials Master Xiao's Journey to Xinjiang

Time:2015.01.30 09:01 4228

這是福建東南衛視頻道記錄片工作室在2009年12月製成的紀錄片。 30分鐘的紀錄片道出何謂陰陽平衡、為何要拍打拉筋、天人不合一會有什麼後果、以及蕭老師他本人為甚麼要推廣拍打拉筋自愈法...看這紀錄片都會一一獲得答案。Documentary of Master Xiao's Journey to Xinjiang (Chinese and English subtitles) made by the Fujian Television Documentary Film Studio in December 2009. In the 30 minutes of this documentary, you will be able to find answers to what it means by Yin-Yang balance, why should we PaidaLajin, what's the consequence if we do not live in harmony with nature, and why Master Xiao promotes Paidalajin self-healing.