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Testimonials Interview with Sebonomoea, a Lesotho chief promoting Paida and L

Time:2014.11.12 03:11 3933

Mr. Sebonomoea Ramainoane, a chief from Lesotho, Africa enjoys Paida and Lajin and sees their great benefit. He felt numbness on the left hand side since 1983, during thePaida, he could feel warmth and blood flow; After Paida, the numbness was much relieved. 

He started the “Heal Yourself Programme” right after he returned to Lesotho, and one month later, now he sends us good news: people with HBP, diabetes, heart disease, eye problem and gynaecological disorders have found Paida and Lajin quite effective in relieving or curing their problems with just 1.5 hours’ practice each day.