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Workshops 2019 Online Workshop Session 2 - Lajin

Time:2019.02.15 21:41 5222

If you suffer from chronic pain on your knees, lower back, shoulder, then this online workshop is for you.  Lajin or stretching is most effective in elongating your tight tendon and loosening your joints.  Lajin will make your pain go away, walk without a cane, and eliminate back pain.

Especially if you are about to replace your knee or hip, then please learn Lajin and try Lajin before you are under the knife.  There are hundreds of healed cases already. Just Google it.

Between the western New Year and the Chinese New Year, we offered an online PaidaLajin workshop for the first time. Participants from five countries enjoyed learning how to Paida the common vital regions from head to toe via online video instructions from our coach, who provided some basic PaidaLajin theory along with a demo of practicing by oneself and together with others.

Please check our first online workshop video recordings for a taste of this type of workshop.  Below are a few feedback from our first-time participants: 
  1. Excellent workshop. Need more participation. Also, need face to face workshop.
  2. I have not had the time right now to devote myself to the workshop but I really appreciate the feeling of community that I have felt. It has helped me persist in my Lajin practice even though the workshop was on Paida. I would like to continue practicing Paida with others in the zoom environment.
  3. I find online classes interesting and informative yet I remain apprehensive about how much Paidalajin can help my COPD. I live alone so I have much apprehension with coping on my own with a healing crisis. I can only Paida myself for short periods of time. I have one friend who comes for an hour to Paida, 3 times a week. I am an introvert so my support system is small. I would be very interested in an zoom type support group. 
  4. It was really worthwhile, I am grateful for the knowledge shared and all the support! 

Per many requests from our members, Pailala is launching the second online workshop, a 2-week session on Lajin exercise on Sunday, February 24 and March 3, 2019. Please sign up for the both days to have a thorough understanding on Lajin theory and methods. 

Should you are curious on the following questions, this workshop will be a right fit for you!

  • How do I detect Jin-Suo (tendon contraction)?
  1. What are the symptoms or diseases caused by Jin-Suo?
  2. How do I practice Lajin with limited resource at home?
  3. Will Lajin cause damages to tendon or muscles?
  4. Is Lajin suitable for me if I have severe bone loss, or hunched?
  5. How does Lajin differ from Yoga,  traction, dance leg pressing, splits and other stretching exercises? and so on.

Time and Date: 8:30 ~ 10:00 EST on Sunday, February 24, 2019

Time and Date: 8:30 ~ 10:00 EST on Sunday, March 3, 2019

Please make sure you convert the meeting time to your local time before you sign up the workshop.

After you signed up, an email will be sent to you to notified the access to the online video location and access code.

Please sign up on Pailala site.