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Stay Healthy On the day of releasing this PaidaLajin film

Time:2017.11.08 10:47 6480

This film documented our past seven year’s journey of PaidaLajin self-healing is finally published. It took us one entire year to produce it. Many things have occurred during the time …… 

Although some experts and media disparage PaidaLajin without any empirical investigations, and created a bad environment for promoting PaidaLajin, we’ve paved through and overcome all the obstacles on this seemingly difficult road with growing confidence, gratitude and happiness that gained from PaidaLajin. Thank heaven and the guidance from the PaidaLajin self-healing method, we were able to benefit from PaidaLajin ourselves before sharing this method with the world.


It was rather a tough job to do the film editing because there are so much to share in so little time. The process of shortening and editing the film provided us an opportunity to look back past, and further reflect on the approaches and strategies that we shall take in the future.


Please watch this 60-minute film patiently, and ponder on the following questions: Why can the PaidaLajin self-healing method be spread all over the world so quickly? Why have so many people recognized and supported PaidaLajin even when media’s public opinion being unfavorable? Why can PaidaLajin be accepted and practiced by peoples of different colors, races and religions? 

Someone once asked us emotionally: How did you promote PaidaLajin worldwide? What kind of connection or powerful background do you have? For as far as I know, when conducting an event in foreign countries, one needs to utilize a lot of national resources! We simply put: We have no connections or mysterious background whatsoever. All we have is the healing effects that people can see for themselves. People invite us over for seminars and workshops because they saw the healing results. 

Chinese President Xi calls out to spread Chinese culture to the world. Journey to self-healing has marked Chinese culture’s heading to the world and it will work wonders.


We’d like to dedicate this film to Master Xiao, who is suffering in jail for promoting the PaidaLajin self-healing method worldwide. We are very grateful for Ms. Ellen Zhang’s proposals of making this film. Thank Ms. Dongxiao Zhu, Ms. Lan Luo and Ms. Julie Turner for their bilingual translations and proofreading. Thank Beijing Xingyu Creative Film and Advertising Center for their hard work. Many thanks to our loyal volunteers, supporters and practitioners, last but not least, to our Journey to Self-healing team members.