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Stay Healthy Slap away stomachache and diarrhea

Time:2016.10.31 02:10 2320

Before Hong Kong Workshop scheduled to be held on October 29, slapping of the participants had begun.

My sister took my advice and took a non-stop flight from Ningbo to Hong Kong for the workshop tomorrow. She had diarrhea yesterday and got a bit better in the evening, but on board got stomachache again and went to the toilet twice for the loose bowels.

She looked pale and was too weak to say anything while we several coaches and volunteers were getting ready for the workshop by waiting for the arrival of Lajin benches at the Hotel. Then we started slapping the front and external side of her legs, where stomach and gallbladder meridians run through, much Sha appeared on the slapped areas immediately. Later on her inner side of the legs was slapped together with the right foot. She was having a bitter taste in the mouth. The gallbladder meridians had been blocked so badly, no wonder there was a bitter taste in her mouth!

After slapping and being slapped for half an hour, her symptoms relieved greatly and became in normal conditions.

Volunteer Mo Fei
Oct. 28, 2016