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Stay Healthy Frequent Urination, Hypertension, Week Legs and Cholecystitis Healing Reaction

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Frequent Urination, Hypertension, Week Legs and Cholecystitis Healing Reaction of An 85-Year-Old Woman

Dear Master Xiao:

I’m Lisa from Hong Kong.



Coated tongue while experiencing the healing reaction


Coated tongue after healing reaction

My mother is 85 years old. 15 years ago, she had an operation and her gallbladder was removed because of cholecystitis. She suffered from high blood pressure, cough, dizziness and frequent urination (she used to go to the toilet 7 to 8 times per night). And her legs were so weak that she had to walk with a stick. I helped my mother Paida for the first time this March. At that time, she had not eaten anything but pills for one week. Seeing her condition, I told her, “Mom, you have taken a lot of pills, but you are not getting any better. Maybe we should have a try PaidaLajin. You know that I have healed many of my diseases over the year by doing PaidaLajin”.

With her permission, I started to help her Paida 3 to 4 hours a day. We started from the general body parts (elbows, hands, knees and feet), then went on in a“carpet bombing” way [1]. After a total of 22 days of Paida, all the above mentioned symptoms disappeared. In fact, mother stopped taking any medicine from the second day of Paida. And up to now she has not taken even one pill.

In July this year, I went back to hometown to visit mother and helped her Paida again. First we Paida the general parts, then the chest, belly and finally two sides of the abdomen where the gallbladder meridians go through. A large amount of Sha (poisoned blood) appeared where the gallbladder surgery was performed. During Paida, my mother experienced a serious healing reaction[2]. Her eyes, face and body all turned yellowish green. It looked quite scary for continuous fever. It reached as high as 40℃ on the first day, 38.9℃ the second day, and 38.5℃ the third day. From the fourth day, her body temperature went normal but she was still in a sleeping state. She suffered greatly, particularly during the time from 23 p.m. and 3 a.m. All I could do was to help her Paida! Mother couldn’t sleep, and I could only Paida her tirelessly day and night.



Much Sha with a big bleeding blister on the hand


Sha on the foot



Sha on the chest and belly



Yellowish Sha on the leg during healing reaction



Photo of my mother and me taken by my departure


She has become in perfect condition. What a striking contrast on the photos! (Please see the photos and notes below) In the past, she had unformed stool, and her head used to be dripping strong-smelling sweat (like smell of urine). After Paida, her stool has been normal. And her sweat is no longer heavy or strong-smelling.

Here again I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your promotion of the method. You let me know it heals all kinds of diseases. I am sharing my Paida stories hoping more people could be benefited and be sure PaidaLajin heals all our diseases. All my friends are practicing PaidaLajin and I have been spreading it as well. As long as there is someone believing it, I will spread it no matter in what ways. I will go all the way to let everyone lead a healthy life.

September 5, 2016
[1] “Carpet bombing” is originally a military term, which means thorough bombing of each and every inch of land. Using Paida and Lajin in a “carpet bombing” manner clears the body’s 14 meridians from all directions. This eliminates all known and unknown diseases holistically, instead of treating diseases by divisions of medicine.

[2] Healing reaction refers to the body’s recovery responses when the Qi (vital life energy) is charging at health problems.

Translated by ZHANG Muge

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