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Stay Healthy Self-heal urine pass infection & knee pain

Time:2016.06.13 08:06 2700


I attended May 22-28, 2016 New York PaidaLajin Workshop and continued to experience healing crisis after the workshop was over. I had urine pass infection a couple of year ago when I had no idea of self-healing. What I did was went to see my doctor and took antibiotics. I had burning pain urinating after I got home on May 29th. I did my  normal Lajin everyday: 20 minutes each leg with 7 pounds sandbag on upper foot and 20 pounds sandbag on lower leg. I felt like to go on May 31st after daily Lajin, but only 1-2 drops of urine came out with the sensation of swelling and pain. I Paida Yongquan on my right foot for 10 minutes before going to work. Paida Yongquan on my left foot when I was taking a break at work for another 10 minutes. I felt better. The infection came back during the weekend. I spent 30 minutes Paida Yongquan on each foot. All the symptoms were pretty much gone. The sensation of keeping on going to the restroom came back on June 8th in the morning. Again I spent 30 minutes Paida Yongquan on each foot. White sha came out and both feet swelled up. I had to loose up my shoelaces in order to put my feet into the shoes. 

White sha came out of Yongquan



I drink less in recently years. I would not drink unless I feel thirsty. That’s why this time I did not feel like visiting the restroom as often as when I had the urine pass infection a couple of years ago. I also did not feel as much pain this time comparing to the last infection. The “carpet bombing” Paida at New York Workshop is one of the reasons that I healed myself faster. The other reason is that I know it is healing crisis and I did not feel agitated at all. I know Paida will self-heal whatever that comes my way and therefore all my wishes of self-healing came true!

I felt pain when I was stepping downstairs after the workshop. I work 12-9 on June 8 so I had some time in the morning. After paida yongquan on my feet, I sat on the stairs and paida my right right knee for about 20 minutes. A big greenish/purple bump appeared on my right knee. I do not feel any pain stepping downstairs after paida.

A big greenish/purple bump appeared and white sha also came out
I'm grateful for the pain, the healing crisis, and Master Xiao's teachings of PaidaLajin Self-healing! Hope all that practice PaidaLajin will self-heal successfully! 

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祝东晓 Dongxiao (214-506-3487) Plano, TX​

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