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Stay Healthy PaidaLajin Self-Healing Officially Approved for Global Promotion

Time:2016.09.28 10:09 2630

PaidaLajin Self-Healing Officially Approved for Global Promotion
Our years of unremitting efforts have finally paid off—PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method has been officially approved and will be actively promoted in China and across the world. Based on the review by experts, China National Health Industry Committee (CNHIC) has included PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method in the Innovative Projects for the Health Industry in China.【CNHIC Document No. 019 (2016)】
In spite of much pressure and countless obstacles, our team has brought PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method to more than 60 countries and regions in the world over the past six years. There have been many touching moments and wonderful experiences, and we are very grateful for it all. The fact that PaidaLajin is officially endorsed in China is not only an encouraging message for our team, it will also clear people’s doubts. It will help accelerate global acknowledgement of Chinese culture and PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method, and alleviate China and the world’s common medical crisis.
The philosophy of PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method is derived from Chinese ancient medical classic Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine), where the chapter Ling Shu Jing Mai Pian (Pivot of the Soul On Meridians) states that “the Meridians system is the cradle of vitality, the origin of the onset of illnesses, the nest of the progress of the illnesses, and the key to curing a patient.” PaidaLajin is one of the most effective ways to remove blockages in meridians and maintain smooth energy flow in the Meridians system. It is inheritance and innovation of ancient Chinese medical therapies. Being simple, effective, low/no cost and widely applicable, PaidaLajin can be easily accepted by the public, and the self-healing effects go far beyond people’s conventional perceptions of medical efficacies. The Internet Age and aggravating global medical crisis are two factors that will help make the new health management model lead the tread and elevate human civilization.
Our belief: My health, I manage!
Our goal: To empower everyone to become a self-healer.
Learn, practice and share PaidaLajin. Let us work together to usher in the Era of Self-Healing.
Introduction of China National Health Industry Committee (CNHIC)
China National Health Industry Committee (CNHIC) was established in 2006 upon approval by the relevant state authority in China (GLJZ No. 003【2006】).
CNHIC aims to improve the health of the Chinese nation and promote health care development and industrial upgrading. To attain this goal, it invites experts to discover, train and assess talents and promote exchanges, sets up national health projects, enhances the quality and brand image of health products, and supports R&D and sales of new products.

I  Certificate
Beijing Pailala Health Management Co., Ltd,
Based on evaluation by experts, PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method has been included as an Innovative Project for the Health Industry in China. The Project is to be promoted for three years (May 16, 2016—May 15, 2019).
China National Health Industry Committee (CNHIC)
May 16, 2016
II  Announcement
PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method Included as an Innovative Project for the Health Industry in ChinaCNHIC Document No. 019 (2016)
Beijing Pailala Health Management Co., Ltd,
This is to notify that in response to your application, China National Health Industry Committee (CNHIC) invited experts to assess PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method and decided to include it as an Innovative Project for the Health Industry in China. While you are promoting PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method, please develop an accurate understanding of its characteristics and scope of application, enhance clinical observation, and further improve the practical program. In addition, you should abide by relevant state laws and regulations, and standardize the practice in accordance with CNHIC requirements. The Project is to be promoted for three years (May 16, 2016—May 15, 2019).
China National Health Industry Committee (CNHIC)
May 16, 2016

III Experts’ Opinion

Project Name PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method
Applicant Beijing Pailala Health Management Co., Ltd
Experts’ Opinion:
PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method derived its healing philosophy of “no pains, no blockages” from traditional Chinese medical classic Ju Tong Lun • Shu Wen •Huang Di Nei Jing (On Pain • Plain Questions • The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine), and it has combined the theory of frequency resonance in physics and biomedicine. PaidaLajin refers to the innovative method of slapping to harmonize the frequencies in the human body, and stretching in simple, scientifically effective postures to ease pains and diseases caused by blockages and tendon contractions, and to rapidly enhance a person’s self-healing power.
PaidaLajin has passed the review by experts, who believe that the therapy is safe and simple, has an innovative theory and excellent patient compliance. Experts recommend PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method to applicable people at home and abroad.
Opinion from the organization which presided over the experts’ review:
According to experts’ opinion, PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method is a simple, innovative holistic healing therapy. We advise it to be promoted among grass-roots medical institutions, rehab, fitness, and physical therapy centres.
1. Sort out, improve and standardize the operational scheme.
2. Promote it in accordance with our recommendations.
China National Health Industry Committee (CNHIC)
May 16, 2016












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