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Stay Healthy How I Transformed from a Road Designer into a Self-Healing Coach

Time:2016.12.26 16:59 2709

Before the Spring Festival of 2016, my father suddenly couldn’t walk because of lumbar disc herniation. His condition worsened in a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) hospital where almost all means applied there were treatments of Western medicine. I couldn’t persuade my family then, although I strongly opposed going to hospital. Luckily, the doctors there let us decide whether to have an operation or go home. Finally, Father agreed to return home at our insistence, although he wanted surgery to relieve his suffering.
Just a few days before my father was hospitalized, I registered for him to attend a self-healing workshop in Shanghai. When he was in hospital, I was experiencing PaidaLajin in the workshop. During those days, I not only witnessed amazing self-healing cases, but also personally experienced the real existence and charm of the meridians system.
It seems unbelievable, my problems have disappeared since I returned from the workshop. Dyschezia, femoral head arthralgia and even cholecystitis for 20 years were all healed. So far, the only “by-product” is, I can eat a lot of fried food now, which was totally impossible in the past, for I had to pay a heavy health price for it. Moreover, for years I’ve been hoping to increase my weight, but failed repeatedly. This time, I have added nearly 5kg in less than a month after the workshop! Now I have a well-balanced weight. By attending the workshop, I have gained a deep understanding about life, which will be beneficial and unforgettable in my future.
Two years ago, I was puzzled about the true value and meaning of life. I didn’t know which way to go. During that period, my 2-year-old daughter got a fever and couldn’t walk. My wife and I brought her to many hospitals for diagnosis and treatment. It was crowded at every hospital, and we had to get up early to line up. Initially, we were kicked between internal medicine dept. and orthopedics dept. and did many checkups. In order to fix her body in good position for examination, the doctor insisted on feeding her with sleeping pills. And, to our surprise, the doctor unexpectedly inquired us whether the girl be hospitalized or not. My heart was nearly broken when I saw my baby’s condition after taking sleeping pills. I wondered if the same thing would happen to the doctor’s child. My daughter still woke up and it was us not the doctor who pressed her body so that the examination could go on.
After several days’ examination, we were recommended a famous expert in the immunity department in Pediatric Disease Research Institute. The blood test result showed no immune problem, but the doctor still prescribed medicine containing hormones for our daughter. She got fat after taking it for a few days. When we went to the doctor again, we saw another girl about 10 years old with 6 years’ treatment history. Looking at her fat and foolish appearance, I thought, “Is there any point with such treatment?” So, we decided to take our daughter home at once. She recovered rapidly without any nonsense western medicine.
According to my observation and judgment in the recent two years, my daughter might have gonarthritis caused by torsion and led to fever. We refused to give her any pills in these two years and there has been no big problem. On the contrary, my daughter falls ill much less often, compared with other children. When she does get sick, it healed in 2-3 days.
We, our family and friends cannot take control of life because of various health risks. How could we possibly maintain our self-esteem? Alas! We have long lost balance between material and spiritual pursuits, and our body and soul are far from being ONE. We ceaselessly pursue wealth, and have even become slaves led by the nose. We have lost our conscience and forgotten that happiness is in the NOW. Man is a spiritual being, and life is most precious. How could we allow ourselves to be carried along the tides of fame and wealth? They are the very first things that we need to transcend in life.
For this reason, I resigned and gave up the work in hand temporarily to learn Chinese traditional wisdom, to study and practice various natural healing methods in full time. I attended some training courses at all costs in order to attain a higher state of life, spirit and soul. Thanks to God, there is a very simple and effective self-healing method in our hands—PaidaLajin!
During the Spring Festival holidays, I spent most of my time teaching my parents, wife, elder brother and younger sister PaidaLajin. The Lajin board was also used. Interestingly, my little nephew helped me watch his grandfather’s practice, and my nearly 4-year-old daughter would also come to slap with her small but strong hands. My mother and elder brother once got a cold and they basically recovered after experiencing PaidaLajin for a few days. As to my father, he always has doubts about this method and practices less. He is quite reliant on external help and always wants to give up the practice. I know what’s on his mind. He would believe it when a self-healer speaks to him face to face. It is not strange that I have been doing the same thing in the recent two years—to cultivate and improve my judgment.
My father’s symptoms have improved a lot, although he practices PaidaLajin much less than other members of my family, and is far from the state of tempering his Heart. He could not only walk but walk down the stairs for exercise. However, Father may not think it’s the result of PaidaLajin. As to my mother, she practices PaidaLajin very often and isn’t afraid of the pain, so her high blood pressure got better very soon and the symptoms of headache and back pain have also disappeared. Pity that my mother still couldn’t forget her hypotensive drugs. It is true that we are influenced deeply by western culture and western medical system. Chinese culture and Chinese medicine can be traced back to the same origin, and for millennia, both of them are passed down from one generation to another. However, in the recent hundred years, western “fashions” have penetrated every aspect of our life; science and western medicine have been supervising Chinese medicine. Isn't it like putting the cart before the horse?
Man’s life relies on Qi and PaidaLajin seems like such Qi. It is your born gift and it all depends on you how well you make use of it. Others can help, but not much. You maintain the Qi on your own, and if it runs smoothly, it is called “good luck”. This is “My Health, I Manage!” Thanks to Mr. Xiao for relentlessly popularizing such a simple method worldwide. Thanks to my father whose pains and diseases prompted my to get to know PaidaLajin. Now I am a member of the PaidaLajin family. It really is my best luck to work with my colleagues with the same aspiration of empowering everyone to become a self-healer!
My previous job was featured with selecting route and identifying direction in mountains, upland valleys, grasslands and the Gobi Desert with my colleagues. The nature has taught me a lot. A sound was asking me, “Kuang Peng, now that you’ve chosen the route, what about the direction of your life?” Yeah, I have transformed from a road designer into a self-healing coach. It is all because of “Tao”, and I have been hoping to do good, from designing visible roads to manifest the invisible Tao. Now, I am following Mr. Xiao to practice and promote PaidaLajin. It is a natural, inevitable choice.
If you ask me, “what are your best gains in these two years?” I shall say sincerely that it is moving myself and realizing the power and energy of the “Heart”. My internal journey during the period is simple yet difficult. Since ancient times, Chinese people have always incorporated their spiritual pursuit into their personal life and social ideal. As a real Chinese, I’m only following the natural law. There is an old saying, “Be a true man, otherwise you’ll be executed by Heaven and destroyed by Earth.” Pity that many people have misinterpreted the message for uttermost self-interest. How many people can live out his true Self in this acquisitive world? What’s more pathetic is that it is those lost in their materialistic pursuits who preach at those with true nature.

In this fantastic world, nothing is absolutely right or wrong. Every failure or frustration is a chance to live out a better Self. Life can be managed and all results are our own creation. Be fearless and create your own life! Life is like a drama without any rehearsal and every performance is a live show. Please design your own script well first and consider how to act on the platform then.
Kuang Peng
March 28, 2016