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Stay Healthy Seattle 7-day workshop kicked off on August 25

Time:2015.08.27 02:08 2626

Seattle 7-day workshop kicked off on August 25
Today is the first day of Seattle PaidaLajin workshop. In the morning the participants slapped their top heads, sides of the head, foreheads and back heads, back necks, eyes, faces, mouths and ears. At Paida session on inner elbows, some slapped themselves while some others slapped each other. As expected, those who slapped each other had much more Sha than the ones who slapped by themselves. In the afternoon, three people were in one group, one stood on a Lajin bench, and front and back of knees were slapped by the other two. The three did the same in turn. Later on, one's armpits and inner arms were slapped while doing Lajin on the Lajin bench. No exception, everyone had much Sha, becasue everyone has heart disease merely with difference in severity, which can't be detected by doctors!