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Stay Healthy Seattle Advanced Paida Lajin Workshop

Time:2016.12.26 16:53 2812


At the request of more and more doctors of TCM and Western medicine, acupuncturists, massagists, and some participants who have attended 7-day workshop several times, we'll be holding an "Advanced Paid Lajin Workshop" in Seattle, comparing the similarities, differences, advantages and disadvantages between PaidaLajin and acupuncture, bone-setting, acupressure, Origin Point, with demostration and their different effects. This event is the first-ever one of its kind in the world. Doctors, massage professionals and experienced PaidaLajin practitioners are welcome to attend the event.



Event:       Advanced Paida Lajin Workshop

节目:     进阶研修拍打拉筋–高级班

Speaker:    Master XiaoHongchi

主讲:    萧宏慈老师

When:       August 23 (Sunday);  or September 2 (Wed); 9 am -1 pm

时间:      8月23日(星期日)或 9月2日(星期三);上午9时-下午1点 

Topics:      Comparing Classical Chinese Medicine and Paida Lajin

主题:      比较针灸点穴正骨和拍打拉筋

Location/地址:People’s Acupuncture

     17 – 148th Ave., S.E.

     Bellevue, WA 98007


Cost:   $50.00 by check or cash

费用:  $50.00支票或现金  

RSVP/报名:      Mayme Fu (馮媺);电邮;

Phone/手机:     425-881-2856


What to bring:   notebook, your favorite snack and beverage, and withcomfortable clothing

需带:  笔记本,你喜欢的零食和饮料,轻便舒适之衣着