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Stay Healthy The 2nd day of Indonesia workshop

Time:2015.07.02 12:07 2373

Morning jogging at the Stadium of Bandung University with natural grass and gravel path. A paradise for barefoot jogging!


3 Slappers from Chinese Mainland, Malaysia and Indonesia


The Arabic pince still keeps the title on the second day of the workshop. Sha on the back of his knees are pitch dark!   


Three people make a group in a flow process, slapping the back of the whole legs along the bladder meridian at one go without interruption.Reclining Lajin on the bench and squatting Lajin take turns in good order. Successful self-healing stories took place one after another. A wheelchair-bound gentleman who could not stand up but now is able to walk some distance with a crutch. He earns resounding cheers.