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Stay Healthy Seeding (2)

Time:2015.06.26 09:06 2324

In the last weekend of May, my elder brother came to USA for the first time. He stayed with us and participated in our daily routines for a few days. On the day he departed for Maryland, he and I (just two of us) chatted for a while. The saddest news about the life is to learn someone you used to be close to has left the world unexpectedly. I heard a sad news from one of my friends last October that a former colleague died from a heart attack in front of everyone in the office, at his early forties. The sad story from my brother was about his high school class leader, who was the top scholar in that year’s Jiangsu province’s college entrance exam, also known as a master of pen and sports for years until he got ill. Suffered from a rare cancer, he had to have one of his legs amputated for several times. Last year, right after his son’s college entrance exam, he climbed up to a high building in Beijing and committed the suicide.

Life is as short as a flash of lightening, as unpredictable as clouds. Both my brother and I agreed upon the importance of taking care of our own health, for our own good, and for the people we love as well. Every time when I mention my former coworker’s sudden death to others, I always make people aware that it is worth trying the first aids by using Paida Lajin methods. If someone at the site knew how to do the first aid that day, my coworker might have not passed away so young and left his beloved parents, wife and son behind. Previously, I learned from Wechat that my brother had shown some interests in his own health maintenance. Knowing that he wanted to quit the bad habit of smoking, I recommended he chew the Nicotine gums, he agreed. After I learned that he hurt his right wrist a few months ago in a weight lifting exercise, I suggested to slap his wrist and arms. He also agreed. Two years ago, when I went back to China, I did the paida on his both arms. He wasn’t afraid to show off his “colorful” arms in the public. Whenever he was questioned, he told people that he was beaten up by his younger sister. This time, I slapped his arms inside and outside. Sha came out quickly, surged wherever my hand went.  When my brother ran into the bathroom during the break, he shouted out aloud from the upstairs, “Will Paida cause the desire of the bowel movement?” “Absolutely yes. This is one of the direct results of paida the arms and the back of the hands.”

After the arm job was done, I suggested to move on to his legs. Because earlier when he tried the Lajin bench, he could only last for about three minutes for the both legs. The encouraging thing was that his leg was able to be up straight against the pole. Considering he had sit a lot in the airplane ride and the bus rides, I was very certain that his lower back was uncomfortably tight or aching. So I did the paida on his both knee pits and sides of the legs. He informed me that his lower back had loosen up a lot after I moved my slapping hand to the back of his left foot. Unsurprisingly, an air bubble became bigger and bigger under the skin surrounding the veins, soon his left foot was covered with a dark blue lump. Looking from behind, both of his legs were very colorful. On the way out to shopping, I asked him to change the shorts into a pair of long pants so that people would not see the bruises on his legs. My brother looked back on his legs, shook his head, and said, “It is hot today. I prefer the shorts. I don’t mind what others have to say. I am a stranger here, know nobody. If anyone ever asks me, I will just tell them the truth. Nothing serious.” He did feel his left shoe was very tight after he slipped his foot into the shoes.

That afternoon on our way driving to Maryland, my brother was randomly hitting his legs with my slapper in the passenger seat. I said to him, “You can have this slapper. Take it and use it every day.” He took it without arguing. Two days later, I got several messages from him that he arrived home safely, and the sha on his body were gradually unseen. A few days ago, he sent me another message for an update, that he does the paida almost every day. I was really happy to see how my brother has changed his attitude towards the Paida and Lajin – two years ago, he never heard about Paida & Lajin. Although he allowed me to try the paida on his arms, he did nothing on his own afterwards; two years later, he is actively engaging the Paida & Lajin exercises. This change largely attributed to the articles and pictures that we had shared on the Wechat health group. I was very fortunate to listen to Master Xiao and started the Wechat communication with my families and friends. It is much quicker and more effective than calling or emailing people to tell them what to do. I am wholeheartedly agree with Master Xiao that Paida and Lajin are the best gifts to our relatives and friends. Wish everyone to value the life, and walk through this planet in this life happily and healthily.