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Teachers Column My Yun-You and Free Speech in Bavaria

Time:2014.11.21 03:11 2710


The day after Paida and Lajin party in Dortmund, I was driving to Bad Staffelstein, a small town in Bavaria known for its hot spring. On my way, I stopped at a small town in Hagen, where I met with a German TCM doctor, who somewhat reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like Arnold, he used to practise bodybuilding, and had won a youth championship in Germany. Later on, he did not go into the movie industry, but went on to study Chinese medicine. When I introduced him Paida and Lajin self-healing techniques, the practice began right away. Thanks to regular exercise, he was much more flexible than his peers when doing Lajin. When he came down from the Lajin bench, he felt the raised leg was much relaxed, and this prompted him to decide on the spot to have some patients try it next time.


Explaining Paida and Lajin to "Arnold Schwarzenegger"







When I reached Bad Staffelsstein, a group of people had been waiting at German folk doctor Ludwig’s clinic. I had been here this March, and did demonstrations during my last speech, miraculously relieving a lot of people’s pain right on the spot. This time, more people were attracted here. A psoriasis patient had been to my last speech, and looked much better after Paida. Another couple had also been here last time, and again drove hundreds of miles specially for this occasion. Ludwig followed God’s revelation to become a healer, and is also a “modern shaman”. I’ll open a special column to elaborate on his stories. I’d visited his “pharmaceutical factory”, his country house filled with an array of liquors and herbs, and mechanical devices he invented.



Here, Paida and Lajin began right after my introductory remarks. Several attendees who could not bend their knees or squat down because of leg pain were able to do so after Paida and Lajin. A frozen shoulder patient was able to raise her arm right after Paida.      


Frozen shoulder patient raising her arm after Paida



Such blood vessels signal graver problems than varicose veins, revealing almost invariably problems with the patient’s liver, spleen and kidneys. She also has severe headache. Paida works wonders on such patients. 




My English translator had been suffering from leg pain for years, and could not bend her knees. After Lajin, the pain was much relieved. She went on to pat herself, and the pain was almost gone, without a trace. Elated, she hugged me tightly, and left with tears in her eyes! The next day, she wrote me an e-mail expressing her thanks and exclamation. 



English translator showing the Sha on her leg  



Hugging to say "thank you" 


August 9, 2012


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