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Teachers Column International and Domestic Volunteers Wanted Worldwide

Time:2015.02.11 03:02 2633



As PaidaLajin is fast becoming popular around the world, and self-healing or managing one’s own health has become the main focus of the health trend of times, many have expressed their wish to join us as volunteers, in order to experience  PaidaLajin more effectively, joyfully, whole-heartedly, and holistically.

Our volunteers will have opportunities to travel around the world with me and learn closely from me, learn through others while promoting PaidaLajin, and be able to experience life from the world.
I invite anyone who is ready to take up this life commitment to send in your application directly to me at
Please note the following for the volunteer application:
1. This is not a paid job; it is a life commitment. It will be full of challenges, but also full of valuable and rewarding learning opportunities. You will be part of the change - changing people’s lives when you help bring them out of the suffering from ’incurable’ illnesses;
2. Please submit your bio or résumé, and let us know why you want to be our volunteer, what and how you could contribute to our team (e.g. your strengths, oral and written skills, IT and internet / marketing and branding / multimedia, photography skills, management skills, etc.)
3. Those who have participated in our 7-day workshop several times, and are proficient in different languages, in writing, in multimedia, and/or in internet skills will be considered preferably;
4. Those who have promoted PaidaLajin successfully will be considered preferably. Please include specific success stories in your application, including how many people have successfully learned PaidaLajin through you, what illness they had and how they have self-healed themselves through PaidaLajin preferably with specific before and after medical records (e.g. before and after blood pressure, sugar levels, cancer factor lab tests, etc.) and/or picture and video records. We will post these successful stories on our website to encourage more sharing and more people to practice PaidaLajin.
5. Please state where you live, and which countries or regions you wish to travel with me.
6. There will be opportunities for some volunteers to join our team as paid staff.