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Stay Healthy Two Young Blacks Tried PaidaLajin in Beijing Office

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Next door to our PaidaLajin Beijing office is an int’l trade co. supplying a variety of wigs, hair and accessories, including Brazilian and Peruvian human hair, mainly to black people from African countries, coming and going in small groups like an endless stream.


One in a favored position may not stand to benefit first. There is an element of luck or karmic reward.


Just for the sake of external beauty, some very obese African women will spend at least RMB 1,000 or as much as RMB 4,000 for a temporary hair makeover of braids or sleek styles created by attaching hair extensions, which is a three or four hours’ job for a hairdresser,. Moreover, they need regular hair care and the used ones have to be replaced from time to time. But they turn a blind eye to PaidaLajin just next door, which they can learn just in ONE minute, costing them not even a penny. They don’t know that one of the “side effects” of PaidaLajin is burning up excess fat, or they may not know that obesity is a silent killer.


The development of modern telecom can shorten geographic distance to almost zero, however, communication of the souls or telesthesia can never be the same, let alone resonance of the soul. A short distance away, and yet poles apart.


Two black men came to our office just before lunchtime.


“What business do you do?” asked one of them.

“We don’t buy or sell things. We teach you a method, with which you heal yourself, without taking medicine or seeing a doctor.”

“How much do you charge? I would like to pay for it.”

“We don’t sell regular products. If you are interested, have a free try here.”

“The King of Lesotho!” they shouted in surprise.


In order to reduce their possible sense of strangeness and exclusion, I showed them some photos in Master Xiao’s two blogs, one about PaidaLajin in old age homes in South Africa, the other about Master Xiao’s debut visit to South Africa for Paidalajin promotion earlier this year. They saw portrait of the King, and Xiao sharing PaidaLajin with the King and the Deputy Premier of Lesotho. Actually, PaidaLajin had taken roots before Master Xiao set his feet in the soil of Africa. Good things never die. Blooms are by the wall, yet sweet smell is off the wall.


Bengy rolled up one of his sleeves and let me slap on his inner side of elbow. He is 30 years old, came to China two years ago to do management work in a company. He has a pleasant personality, loves sports and often plays football. He is in good health and could stand the pain of Paida. After 10 minutes of Paida in medium intensity, some Sha (poisoned blood) appeared on the slapped area, but not very obvious on the black skin. A workmate Xiao Mei helped to slap another elbow and white powder came out. I told him that was also Sha in another form.



Sha on Bengy’s inner side of elbow


Sha on the arm of Bengy’s friend


Bengy’s friend is tall and looks strong. He speaks and walks normally without any discomfort. But he bellowed in pain when gentle claps came down on his arms and he had to stamp his feet for relief. His inner side of elbows and forearms were slapped by two female workmates and very soon much Sha came out on the slapped area. He said he had no health problems and he had never seen a doctor. He had his first-ever physical check before entry into China two years ago. The patches of Sha on his arms revealed the serious blockages in his Pericardium Meridian, Heart Meridian and Lung Meridian. I could only congratulate him and tell him he’s got problem in his heart and lungs. I asked him not to worry about it too much and he could use what he learned today to heal it himself. 


Lajin in reclining position


The first time Bengy did Lajin in reclining position, he could stretch for 20 minutes with one leg raised up against the pole fixed with a leg strap and another lowered leg with a 3kg sandbag. He didn’t cry out or show any painful expression. There is no doubt he is relatively healthy.

However his tall companion was not that lucky. He couldn’t even last three seconds with a leg strap and a sandbag on the legs and he screamed horribly. We had no choice but to remove the sandbag and leg strap from his legs and let him try Lajin with no extra weight or external force. Even like this, he couldn’t keep the posture for three minutes. How much contracted his tendons are!

On the Lajin Board

They bought the booklet Paida and Lajin Self-Healing by Hongchi Xiao from the office. I let Bengy add me to his WeChat list, hoping for future contact. No cellphone numbers or email addresses were exchanged. Why let meaningless figures and codes leave a footprint if pals on the WeChat can be blacklisted?


I clicked Bengy’s Wechat icon, it reads, “The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without a purpose.” Indeed.


That year 

My knees kissed the dust

Not for worship of the Buddha

But to feel the warmth of the snow land

No canned Coke or Pepsi

Only pilot biscuits 

Run, run, and run on

For kilometers

No weak legs 

Not out of breath

Through dancing snowflakes

I gazed at the yearlong snowcapped peaks

Wearing just shorts

No sense of chill came

While showering with tap water

At the center of a playground 

In broad daylight

Oh, the joy of

Pissing beside the Potala Palace

On a bottomless cliff

Almost like

Relieving a millennium of

Contained urine


As Aunt Xiao pointed out, if you want to embark on a journey to cure, you must first build up yourself well enough, both physically and mentally. It’s absolutely right. How can an empty body without a soul carry the weight of life?



Zhou Ping

December 12, 2014