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Stay Healthy Forget the Botox, Try Face-Slapping!

Time:2014.12.04 04:12 2700


Forget the Botox, Try Face-Slapping!


Middle aged women in Thailand aren't so keen on getting Botox treatments any more. They have re-discovered an ancient way to fight wrinkles and ageing, which is perfectly natural and comes cheap! Yes, we are talking about slapping. It seems that slapping was used as a technique to revive skin into looking radiant and toned, ages ago in Thailand. The Thai have re-discovered this technique and it's gaining popularity in the country.


The slapping technique is used in 3 ways. Firstly, it is used on the face to tone up the skin and get rid of wrinkles. The second use is found in pinching the butt into looking sexy and toned. The third application is on the breasts to augment the breast size. The Thai government has officially recognized slapping as a beauty treatment after studies proved that it did indeed increase breast size considerably.


The reason why slapping works is that it opens the skin pores, and shifts the fat from one area to another. This helps in getting a toned look without any wrinkles. Sounds good? You might want to try this yourself, after getting expert medical advice from your doctor.

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